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Swagelok West Houston

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Training & Education

Tube Bending Seminar

Your Resource for Expert Knowledge and Training

Swagelok is your business partner for creating safe, reliable and productive operations. This starts with equipping your workforce with world-class products, assemblies, training and services that help your people do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Strong training and development programs help produce workers who are better equipped to handle the demands of their jobs, operate more safely and are more productive. Plus, we’re passionate about making sure that such training exists for those who design, operate and maintain fluid systems. Swagelok West Houston offers a wide range of training and services for different audiences, from those who are just entering the world of fluid systems to those who have worked in it for years. Our standard trainings meet or exceed the requirements of many recognized local governing bodies. Rest assured that the class you're taking today is consistent with our organization's Core Values of continuous improvement, quality and innovation, providing you a wealth of knowledge.