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Mechanical Seal Support Components


When your rotating equipment fails, it’s often because your seals fail. This happens for many reasons: seal wear, fatigue, contamination, or improperly sized and selected components. Swagelok Mechanical Seal Support Systems help to extend the life of your seals and keep your rotating equipment running. 

Intergral Orifice Flange Adapter

Integral Orifice Flange Adapter

Replace threaded or welded flange assemblies with a one-piece flange adapter with integral orifice.

Thermowell Tees

Thermowell Tees

Reduce threaded connections and monitor temperature with integrated thermowell pre-welded into tube fitting tee for ease of installation.

Extended Male Connector

Extended Male Connector

Eliminate threaded pipe and potential leak points with a single fitting. Available in 4 - and 6-inch lengths to allow you to clear the shroud and go straight from the gland to your tubing run in one piece.

Orifice Union

Orifice Union

Easily add an orifice to a flush system with the orifice union. This fitting makes welding bulky flange assemblies unnecessary. Tagged for visual identification.

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