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Swagelok West Houston

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Equipment & Tool Rental

We realize that sometimes the purchase of equipment like Orbital Welders, Bench Top Benders, Facing Tools, etc. is not always your best option. To accommodate your short term needs we have a wide range of tools and equipment available for rent by the day, week or month. On-site technical assistance, training and support is available to ensure maximum productivity and quick resolution of questions and technical issues.

Contact us for more information about renting: 

Orbital Welding Systems

Orbital Welding is a semi-automated, fully autogenius (no filler material) welding process that uses a ceriated Tungsten to rotate around the fixed work piece. This allows for high quality, repeatable weld often used in high purity systems. Our local services team can quickly deliver and train you on this state-of-the-art welder.

Tube Benders

With buying and renting options, we have the technology needed to get the job done right. Our benders perform high quality bends on fractional and metric tubing. The technology reduces wrinkles, tearing and other potential tubing damage.

Facing Tools

The Swagelok Tube Facing Tools are designed to machine flat, smooth, square, burr-free and chamfer-free tube ends. This tool prepares the tube ends to ensure consistent, repeatable welds.

Multi-Head Swaging Unit

The Multi-Head Hydraulic Swaging unit swages Swagelok Tube Fitting ferrules onto tubing prior to assembly. This helps reduce makeup torque and installation time and places no initial strain on the nut, fitting body threads or on body seal surfaces.