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FK Series Products Case Study

Subsea Plafform

Customer Problem

A large offshore operator in the Gulf of Mexico was experiencing leakage on a chemical injection package on an offshore asset that was determined to be caused by cone and thread performance issues. Cone and thread products have been utilized in the industry for decades but in recent years we have seen customers move towards higher performing options.

Swagelok's Solution

Swagelok West Houston proposed a small, side-by-side test deploying the Swagelok FK Series fitting vs. a line using cone and thread to demonstrate the possible time and cost savings to be gained.

Side-by-side Test Results

This side-by-side test resulted in no performance issues as well as reduced labor costs associated with the installation time. During the test it was found that installation of the Swagelok FK Series
compression fitting was approximately five (5) times faster compared to cone and thread, yielding an 80% reduction in labor time. In addition, the skill set needed to install the Swagelok FK Series fittings was far less than what was required to install cone and thread, resulting in greater performance and less room for installation errors.

Expanded Testing

As a result of this small test, the operator gave Swagelok West Houston a much larger opportunity to test the Swagelok FK Series fitting on a large offshore asset in the Gulf of Mexico. The installation involved testing an asphaltene inhibitor at 22,500 psig, which was one and a half (1.5) times the working pressure for 60hrs. Asphaltene inhibitors are chemical additives used to help prevent clogging and can be difficult to contain especially at high pressures. This test was successful and resulted in no leakage or performance issues. As a result, the operator changed the specifications to Swagelok FK "NO EQUAL” resulting in deployment of approximately $4 million in Swagelok FK Series products on two (2) large offshore assets in the Gulf of Mexico. To date, there have been no performance issues and the operator continues to realize significant time and cost savings.

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