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Swagelok West Houston

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Fabrication & Assembly Success Story

Customer Problem

A supermajor owner company came to Swagelok West Houston regarding transmitter test panels on one of their major capital projects in the Deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Their specific concerns were about safety and compliance issues with operators calibrating pressure transmitters that were not centrally located on the asset. This created the need for moving high pressure gas cylinders and equipment around the asset in order to calibrate pressure transmitters.

Swagelok's Solution

Swagelok West Houston initially mapped out the solution on a cocktail napkin which was then converted to a CAD drawing. Our team then created a standardized transmitter test panel design that would allow operators to calibrate many transmitters from one centralized location. This removed the risk of carrying high pressure cylinders from location to location on the asset. In addition, the standardized design enables efficient modular installation of these panels going forward.

case study fab assembly success story

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