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Corrosion Solutions Case Study

Customer Problem

Customers are reporting an increase in Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking on 316 stainless steel in their applications that they have not previously seen. This situation has driven them to incorporate higher alloy products in their applications to combat the corrosion, resulting in increased costs.


Why is This Happening?

Increased technology at mills has allowed manufacturers to hold their tolerances tighter and manufacture 316 stainless steel to the bare minimum of ASTM standards resulting in industry trends now at 10% nickel and 16% chromium content. This lowering of nickel and chromium content is a major contributor to the current corrosion problem seen across multiple markets and industries.

Swagelok's Solution

Swagelok maintains a minimum of 12% nickel and 17% chromium in our 316 stainless steel and that's just the beginning. We own the manufacturing process from start to finish, and we own a unique low-temperature carburization process.


Swagelok conducted a stringent seven hundred and twenty (720) hour Salt Water test at 65 degrees Celsius with cyclic humidity to demonstrate superior corrosion resistance of Swagelok 316 stainless steel fittings. This test was conducted using stainless steel fittings on stainless steel tubing and stainless steel fittings on alloy tubing (Engineered Combinations). Seventy-two (72) Swagelok tube fitting ends were tested and none of the fitting ends leaked or showed any indication of cracking. One hundred and ten (110) tube fitting ends from 8 other brands were tested. As shown in the images above, Forty-three (43) of these fitting ends visibly cracked and 3 leaked during the test.

See Product Test Report 4183

See Product Test Report 4184

Contact your sales representative to learn more about how Swagelok can be your corrosion solution.